Basketball: GymAlien is james allen

My All Time Best Team:

Wilt Chamberlain

Bill Russell

Magic Johnson

Larry Bird


Yo mamma/

My Grandma, You… basically anybody

Don’t care who else you put on the court against that 5… Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Shaq, Kareem… I don’t care…

Nobody beats those four plus anybody!

Just my thoughts on the matter 

GymAlien said so

I Shoot therefor I AM !

I tell it like I see it; unvarnished…

The Last Thing You Should Expect Here is Political Correctness.  Homey Don’t Play Dat!


Magic was better than Jordan (admittedly I’m a Laker Lover from Long Beach and the OC); and Wilt is the Best of All Time (by far) and would completely dominate today’s game!

GymAlien Said So!


That said;  let’s commence to Shootin’  some Hoop’s.

Turns out our new Laker point guard Steve Nash is a freak in the video room…

Kobe is a serious student of the game. And I’d listen to any tips he gives you; Like in this video…

Be sure to get your foot around in front of your left one when shooting that pull up jumper going right (it’s Key). But don’t be spinning while in the air. Balance is so important I can’t even tell you.

Author of Zen and The Perfect JumpShot… GymAlien said so!

A lot of People these days think Wilt could score a 100 points in a game because there were no good players back then. The game has evolved they say. Wilt could never Average 50 points a game now like he did in 1962, right?  

Did you know Wilt high jumped 7′ and used to dunk his free throws until they banned the practice?  There were only 8 NBA teams back then so there was no dilution of talent. He played against the best players in the world darn near every night.  He left college a year early and they wouldn’t let him into the NBA.  So he played for the Globe Trotters…Imagine how many more seasons he might have played and points he would have scored if he went straight to the NBA out of High School like Kobe… I am absolutely certain he and Bill Russell would have the Blocked Shot records if they kept them back then…Did you know Wilt won the Assist record one year? Wilt Chamberlain is the Greatest Basketball player who ever lived…Period.  GymAlien said so!

Watch this video…

Now tell me what you think. What if he were to have all the benefits of current coaching and training?

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