Basketball: GymAlien is james allen jr.

My All Time Best Team:

Wilt Chamberlain

Bill Russell

Magic Johnson

Larry Bird


Yo mamma/

My Grandma, You… basically anybody

Don’t care who else you put on the court against that 5… Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Shaq, Kareem… I don’t care…

Nobody beats those four plus anybody!

Just my thoughts on the matter 

GymAlien said so

I Shoot therefor I AM !

I tell it like I see it; unvarnished…

The Last Thing You Should Expect Here is Political Correctness.  Homey Don’t Play Dat!


Magic was better than Jordan (admittedly I’m a Laker Lover from Long Beach and the OC); and Wilt is the Best of All Time (by far) and would completely dominate today’s game!

GymAlien Said So!


That said;  let’s commence to Shootin’  some Hoop’s.

Tweaking the Over Duck

Searching for “Touch” in my Jump Shot odyssey, I came up against various hurdles in my shooting Form. A Hitch in my shot or other little sticking points that would make me miss. I was my worst enemy and I had to get out of my own way to find the Perfect Jump Shot. So, occasionally I’d find something that needed a Tweak.

Here’s something that desperately Needs a Tweak; Dwight Howard’s Over emphasis on flicking his wrist…

Here’s a comment I made the other day while watching a video of Dwight Howard shooting Free Throws, on You Tube:

I had a funny idea the other day… I decided Dwight had a common shooting ailment that I’ll call “OD” as in Over Duck. Like Over Gold killed that poor black man in the Wayans movie “I’m gonna get you sucka”, and Over Dosing can kill ya if you take too much drugs…

Over Duck destroys more shooters than ‘call of duty’.

Over emphasizing one aspect of a shot in ignorance… just because it kind of looks like good shooters do that, is kinda dumb… but typical. In reality the hand would flop over as effeminately, limp as possible. With NO effort at all to make it happen, it is the last part of a step by step addition of momentum added to the ball. This will be the last and least little directional fine tuning. Intentionally Snapping the wrist is the stupidest thing you could possibly do!!!
But if you just looked at what someone who knew what they were doing was doing you might conclude that ‘snapping’ is what’s happening. And it proves you are being taught by someone who DOESN’T REALLY KNOW…

But like most of the world; they just THINK they know.

They are easily recognized:

There’s them that DO and there’s them that TALK; rarely do the two meet in the same person.

GymAlien Said So!

Stop Aiming the Basketball!

I can just imagine you looking at me all ‘dead pan’, like the idea flew over your head and came back around a few times.
OK? you say… and?

Here’s the tweak. I’m telling you to stop concentrating at the front of the rim.
Stop watching the ball go towards the basket. And stop aiming the basketball entirely.

Let it happen

Yes you’re going to shoot with some intention… but there is also an ‘auto-pilot’ part of the shot; you must admit.

Do you think to yourself, “I’m going to push just this hard on the floor with my right foot. And with my left foot it will require exactly 679 foot pounds of force against the ground…”?

Then do you say to yourself, “I jumped backwards and accidentally a little left; so I must compensate by adding exactly 2 mph to the balls speed (at release) at 2 and a half degrees to the right of the basket.”?

Of course not! There is FAR more done that you have no ‘intention’ to do during a jump shot than most folks even imagine.

So, my instruction is to Begin your shot with Intention (although sometimes it’s just the right moment and you let it fly) and End with Abandon. The Free Throw is where I really grasped the need to be able to

start with conscious intention and finish with Zen.

This is a Brain Hemisphere tweak. The left hemisphere of a right handed person is the dominant hemisphere. Left brain is cross connected to the right hand. Interestingly the fingertip control that makes us so human (tool makers) is also mapped over the same spot in the brain where our likewise intricate tongue movements to speak are found.

The dominant side is the logical part of the brain that puts words together in a logical step by step… “Linear” fashion. Whereas the right hemisphere of the brain is more “Holistic” in it’s approach and vision of the world.

Our brain is actually many brains

I’ve heard scientists say that the Conscious part of the brain is only the tip of the iceberg with the “Unconscious” being vastly greater; That there are far more things being directed by our brain than we are consciously aware of happening.

That’s actually pretty easy to understand if you realize that we actually have three brains stacked on top of each other… with the top two split in half but connected by a bridge of fibers called the corpus callosum. So, in a Very Real sense we have 5 Brains that do act separately. Yet they somehow also act as one.

The left or logical/linear side pretty much thinks it’s in charge. But in actuality, the other parts of the brain use the wordy side of the brain to do Their bidding more often than not.

Under certain circumstances each different part of the brain will take charge. In life or death situations (let’s say a bear is chasing you down) the lower instinctual brain takes charge… and whatever upper brain thoughts you may have had a few minutes before… now all you are thinking about is survival (freeze, fight, or flight).

Instincts are the lower brain, Emotions the middle, and higher thoughts and reasoning are in the top brain (neo-cortex).

It’s NOT logic on one side and emotions on the other

If I were more misogynistic I might say that that idea is from someone who want’s to put her emotions on the same level as reasoned thinking.

But I digress :)   Each level has it’s own place and time to shine.

I want you to minimize emotions which can be influenced by others. I want you to stop thinking in words altogether, as much as possible (you do have to communicate with your team mates). And get with the right brain thinking.

As a kid I realized that my thoughts came in a flash… and I struggled to use words to describe what I’d just thought before the insight was gone.
Now I see that this is the difference of a right brain thought and a left brain thought.

The left brain Thinks it’s in charge and knows what’s going on. But is doesn’t have a clue.


This is the old wisdom verses knowledge, or intellect verses intuition battle.
Intuition can’t write a book without being able to put it down word for word using intellect. But intellect can’t write a coherent book without intuition, the more holistic right brain thinking to bring it all together.

So, my point is that Aiming is a left brain activity. But the Right brain sees the basket even if you don’t look directly at it.

Our brain doesn’t need our help

When I limit my thinking to just “Intentional” left/linear thinking, which is what aiming does in my opinion, I accidentally inhibit the function of the rest of my brain.

So, this Tweak is a real game changer when you get it. You move from the possible to the impossible.

When you Release your Full Mind/Body connection to ‘do it’s thing’ without so much inhibition and structure, magical things happen. You do things you didn’t think were possible. You sense things that your conscious mind doesn’t even apprehend. Then you are able to unleash your full potential.

When you understand that you can’t shoot the ball directly into the hole; you are making progress. Grasp the fact that you are shooting up into the air and the ball is falling down through the hoop. To shoot you must trust your body to push the ball Up and Over the front of the rim… softly it must fall just beyond the front of the rim but not to the back or sides of the rim. There’s far more to do than just Aim.

When I shoot a gun I aim at the target and pull the trigger. There is no target to aim at here… it’s facing upwards out of your vision.

Learn how to get out of your own way

This is a complex internal computer that we have in our head. In a split second it’s able to determine the precise amount of pressure to place on the bottom of the ball so it will go up, just so high, and fall back down into the basket.

But truthfully it’s not done consciously. With practice our brain and muscle memory learn how to shoot.  Even though part of our brain thinks it knows how to shoot… It only really knows how to ‘talk’ about it.

Hopefully you ‘hear’ what I’m saying, see it in your mind’s eye, and understand intuitively.

Stop aiming your shot so much.

Prepare… but in the end, you just got to “Let if Fly” and trust your mind, your body, and your training.

Turns out our new Laker point guard Steve Nash is a freak in the video room…

Kobe is a serious student of the game. And I’d listen to any tips he gives you; Like in this video…

Be sure to get your foot around in front of your left one when shooting that pull up jumper going right (it’s Key). But don’t be spinning while in the air. Balance is so important I can’t even tell you.

Author of Zen and The Perfect JumpShot… GymAlien said so!

A lot of People these days think Wilt could score a 100 points in a game because there were no good players back then. The game has evolved they say. Wilt could never Average 50 points a game now like he did in 1962, right?  

Did you know Wilt high jumped 7′ and used to dunk his free throws until they banned the practice?  There were only 8 NBA teams back then so there was no dilution of talent. He played against the best players in the world darn near every night.  He left college a year early and they wouldn’t let him into the NBA.  So he played for the Globe Trotters…Imagine how many more seasons he might have played and points he would have scored if he went straight to the NBA out of High School like Kobe… I am absolutely certain he and Bill Russell would have the Blocked Shot records if they kept them back then…Did you know Wilt won the Assist record one year? Wilt Chamberlain is the Greatest Basketball player who ever lived…Period.  GymAlien said so!

Watch this video…

Now tell me what you think. What if he were to have all the benefits of current coaching and training?

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